Impressionist photography

I strive to keep an impressionistic approach to my photographs where the atmosphere or character of a subject comes through in the final image. Supercars, for instance have a presence. They are extraordinary and their design is focussed on opulence, power or speed and I want that to be evident in the photos. If I'm photographing people I want their spirit to show in their images. If I'm shooting something that is a feast for the eyes then thats how I want it to appear photographed form. Gaining the impressionistic shot also involves post-production where images are retouched to a high-end commercial standard. For me, this stage is almost as important as the mechanics of shooting the raw image in the first place.

About me as a photographer

My interest in photography started as a teenager, dabbling with black and white film and learning the old-fashioned methods of developing photos in a dark room with paper and chemicals. With the arrival of digital cameras my interest and skills grew rapidly and in 2007 I started shooting weddings. These were excellent for learning the necessity of planning well in advance of shoot days and having contingency measures for events that might otherwise derail a photoshoot. I soon learned that my favourite part of the wedding shoots were the couple shots where I could take time over posing the couple and control lighting and select specific backgrounds. This led me on to shooting people in studio set ups with flash lighting and an eye on artistically sound images. This blossomed into model shoots where the intention is to produce commercial quality shots that have impact and impress both immediately and under scrutiny. Shooting performance photography became an extension of beauty and fashion, but here the focus is on capturing the athleticism of the performers and the atmosphere of the setting along with the physical form. Most recently my personal interest in supercars led to an inevitable experimentation in photographing high end cars. Though automotive photography is an entirely different genre from shooting human subjects, the philosophy of producing impressionistic, eye-catching images that have artistic merit remains the same.